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Where do I start?

The first thing to do is create a character to roleplay. You do not HAVE to write their information (name, gender, clan, rank, etc) down anywhere, though it's highly suggested you do. If you'd like to get more in-depth, add things like their personality, physical attributes, theme song, relationships, or even a backstory.

You can use your profile, the biographies section, or a character site to store these details.

How do I join a Clan?

In most cases, the only time you would need to inform a leader is when your character was a former kittypet, rogue, loner, or belonged to another Clan.

Otherwise, just jump right in and begin roleplaying.

How do I roleplay?

To roleplay, go to your clan's category. Creating a new topic is unnecessary - just click on one of the available threads, such as the Clearing or Territory.

From there, you can write as your cat from the third person, past tense point of view. Below is a short example:

Tinypaw trotted into camp, and her eyes scanned for a sunny place to lie down.

Do I have to start as a kit?

No, you don't need to start as a kit. Your cat may be a kit, apprentice, warrior, or elder.

If you are choosing to roleplay a kit, make sure you have a foster parent. To find one, post here!

How can I get a High Rank?

A High Rank (otherwise called a HR) is a position such as leader, deputy, medicine cat, and medicine cat apprentice.

To become eligible for a High Rank, your account must be in good standing, and you need to be an active, friendly member of Warrior Cats Online for at least two months. Do not beg for a rank, as it will most likely get you disqualified from the position altogether.

In the majority of cases, leaders are responsible for choosing their Clan's deputy, and Medicine Cats are to select apprentices, though their decision must be cleared before appointing the rank.

Why are some High Rank positions listed as unavailable?
This means the position is not open to anyone at this time.

How many High Ranks can I have?
One. The remaining individuals with two received them prior to November 2015. Yes, they have held onto them for that long.

Can I be a cat from the books?
No, sorry. Your cat may have the same name as a cat from the books, however they cannot be the same cat. We are an Original Character roleplaying site, which means it's time to get creative and make your own character.

What are the roleplaying expectations here?

We cover a wide range of styles and skills, from beginners to advanced roleplaying. Most commonly, posts are around a paragraph in length, sometimes more, sometimes less.

All we ask is that you try your best when it comes to punctuation and grammar.

How long does it take to have my character rank up?

On Warrior Cats Online, one month is equal to one moon.

How long do I have to roleplay my character as a kit?

There is no formal rule, but about 1-2 months is what is generally accepted.


How long do I have to roleplay my character as an apprentice?

There is no formal rule for this, but about 4-5 months is generally accepted. The leader of your cat's respective Clan has the right to deny giving a kit a ceremony if they feel they are not ready or you have not roleplayed them long enough. The same can be said for an kit becoming an apprentice, the leader can deny it if they feel your cat has not trained long enough, or is not ready.

What is powerplaying?

Powerplaying - also known as godmodding - is making your character much too strong or wise for their current age or rank, or introducing extra characters to help your own.

For example, a kit could not realistically kill a trained warrior. To avoid powerplaying, make sure to only be controlling your character at all times, and stay within reason. Giving your cat clearly-defined flaws is a good way to prevent it!

Powerplaying is against the rules, and if you're reported for it, there will be consequences.

How can I roleplay a fight scene correctly?

There is one main rule when it comes to fighting: avoid powerplaying. What you want to steer clear of is barraging your partner's character with attacks or constantly dodging attacks, while never allowing the other character to hit your own. There is a middle ground.

Here an example of a bad fighting situation:
Roleplayer One: Stingtooth jumped on Perchtail, landing on his back and digging his claws into Perchtail's back, drawing blood.

This roleplayer makes several moves during their post, not permitting the other character to respond or even try to dodge. They attack without consent as well.

Here is an example of how this should have gone.
Roleplayer One: Stingtooth leaped into the air, claws flexed forward and pointed toward his target, Perchtail. He aimed for the cat's back, claws ready to grip and tear.

Roleplayer Two: Perchtail saw the shadow of his attacked coming for him, but didn't have enough time to get away. The cat landed on his back with a thud, claws latching into his skin.

As you can see, Roleplayer One never actually hit Perchtail, the character aimed. He made it clear what he wanted his character to do, but ultimately it was up to Roleplayer Two what was going to happen to his character. It is always a good idea to plan who will win the battle beforehand, so you can roleplay accordingly.

It can get annoying to another roleplayer if your character is making battle moves one after another and not allowing for the other character to respond or get away. So keep that in mind while you roleplay, as attacking relentlessly is powerplaying!

May I kill another person's character?

Please read the Roleplay Guidelines regarding our policy on killing.

Which territory is this set in?

This is set in an alternative territory to the books. A map of the Main Clans can be found here.

Our map was drawn by Fallow.


1. Sea Stones (Gathering Area)

2. The Twolegplace

3. The Starcave

4. The Thunderpath

5. The Ocean

6. RiverClan Camp

7. ThunderClan Camp

8. ShadowClan Camp

9. WindClan Camp

10. SkyClan Camp

Can I make my own Clan?

Yes! This clan cannot interact with the main ones in any way, however.

To create a clan, use this category.

Can my cat have a power?

You can purchase a power from the Kitty Koins Bank. This can only be purchased once, and to make sure your power is site-appropriate you must message Lunacross.

Certain powers, such as immortality and mind control, will only be allowed to those who won't misuse them. If you want to change the power and/or what character has the power later on, please message the staff member listed above to avoid future confusion.

How do I find someone to roleplay with?

You can post a thread in the Roleplaying Resources and see if anyone's available to roleplay. If you have a specific cat you'd like to use, include that in your post to avoid confusion.

If you find a roleplay you'd like to enter, check with everyone involved to ensure it's okay if your character comes in. Do NOT jump into roleplays without permission! This can be very aggravating.

How do I find a mentor and/or apprentice?

If your character is an apprentice and needs a mentor, or a mentor needing an apprentice, post a thread in the Roleplaying Resources area. Don't forget to state your cat's name and their clan!

Can my character speak to a leader?

To set up a meeting with your clan's leader, private message them to establish a time that will work for both of you.

Posting in their den and expecting them to cater to you is very ineffective and will likely result in getting overlooked.

How can I get a ceremony for my character?

Check with your clan leader. Sometimes, they will prefer you either send them a private message, or leave a comment on their profile. In this message, mention your cat's name, the rank they currently are, and what rank you'd like them to become.

For apprentice to warrior ceremonies, make it easy on your clan leader and also add in what name you wish to receive!

My cat needs to be healed!

Medicine cats are busy and aren't always around. Private message them with your cat's name and injury to be healed in a timely manner.

Posting in their den is frowned upon and will get your character looked over.

Where can I get character art?

There are multiple ways to do it. Perhaps the easiest is through the Kitty Koins Bank, where many artists are selling character art in exchange for a minimal amount of Koins.

Another method of doing this is to go to the Visual Arts section of the forums, where some people open requests.

How many characters can I have?
You can have as many characters as you want, within reason. Though there is no set limit, we suggest only having as many as you can handle.


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Leader: Snowstar
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Deputy: Buttercupbreeze
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