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Default Re: ThunderClan Territory

Originally Posted by Stormpelt View Post
Timberkit stared at Orchidkit all confused and shook her head. "It's worse both ways for you! Seeing and hearing you that's not lucky at all!",The molly laughed. She could just imagine Orchcidkit coming back to the clearing with nothing in his mouth. "Leave the hunting to the highly trained warriors, Which will be me.", She said as she lifted her head high and proud of herself. Turning her attention back to the young tom She watched him stand on his hind paws. So she backed up a little and let a small smirk spread across her maw. "You have one small army.", Timberkit replied as she stuck her tongue out at him. She noticed that he was going to throw snow at him and she ran for it. "Catch me if you can snow poke!", The molly yelled back.
He just simple scoffed. "Sure, I'll leave the hunting to you and all the other small ones, while I and the other big, strong warriors will do all the fighting!" He called back. In all honesty, he wasn't sure how Timberkit would do in battle. She was very small and he wondered if she'd be able to hold her own out there. "But don't worry, I'll protect you if there was ever a battle," partially joking, but also partially serious. She was his closest friend, and he would worry about her during a battle.

Orchidkit threw a pouty look at her when she commented that he was a small army. He fluffy out his fur and the pouty look became another mocking hurt one. "Now why you say that?" He jokingly questioned. His tail flicked though as he wondered if she honestly didn't think he was a big army. Of course I am! He thought defensively. I'm my own army and I can take down all my enemies with a single look!

"I could take down all of Shadowclan if they ever bothered me!" He announced loudly, slipping his mind that they weren't suppose to be in the territory, and therefore it was mouse-brained to be yowling in a similar way that he was. The tortoiseshell lifted his head towards the sky. "I will bring an end to every fox and badger that sets paw in my territory!" Orchidkit gave another laugh as he spoke, and watched Timberkit when he finished, offering her another goofy grin.

The bigger kit threw the snow at her as she began to run and the start to run after her. "Oh, I can!" He called. His legs were longer and therefor he was able to cover more ground, yet she was smaller and therefore was able to weave through the undergrowth and trees faster - plus, less wind resistance. He tried to trow more snow at her as they ran, but he found this very difficult to do and was unable to hit her, the snow usually spraying all over the place or never even getting close to the smaller cat.
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