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Default Re: ThunderClan Territory

Originally Posted by Stormpelt View Post
Timberkit stared at Orchidkit with an irritated look on her face. "Hey, even though I'm small I can fight. I'm not a helpless cat you know.", The molly pouted slightly as she looked back at the tom. From the last thing he said she understood, she was his friend after all so he would protect her. She was mostly sure she would probably be a bit bad in a battle than Orchidkit anyway. She pushed the negative thought aside and chuckled a little at the tom. "Why would I say that? Well you are the only one attacking me and I don't see anyone else on your side. Sooooo I consider that a small army even though you are pretty big but still small.", Timberkit made sure the word 'small' was very clear to Orchidkit. Her tail swayed in amusement by the toms response anyway. When the tom started talking about shadow clan the small molly let out a large sigh. "Shadowclan isn't afraid of a thing by the slightest! The would have all trained warriors coming to kill a big tom like you. Even under all that fur they can claw you out for the crows to eat!", Timberkit was thinking that he was over thinking things a bit to much. A bit to over confident but guessed that was just Orchidkit maybe he would do the impossible she didn't know. "I'll say, you would be one crazy warrior if you did get into a fight with a fox or badger.", The molly smiled at the tom before she ran off. She probably guessed that orchidkit would probably have a hard time catching up with her so she took her chance. " Yeah sure you can slow poke!", The molly said as she started to run as fast as her small legs can take her. She went to the the undergrowth and hid there, maybe wasn't the best idea but for a small kit like her it was.
The black and white kittypet approached the kits, looking concerned. "Hey, you kits! Should you be out here on your own? Where are your mothers?"
"You're from ThunderClan right?" Aria said, sniffing them over.
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