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Default Re: ThunderClan Territory

Originally Posted by NightWarrior4Life View Post
"Glad you finally decided to show help us out with the raid...we'll ignore these kits for now, although they're an easy target..." He changed his tone now to an evil yet charming male voice..."and perhaps it'll be easier to raid SkyClsn and ShadowClan...let's just say SkyClan warriors are smarter than we thought..." Now, the black rogue padded over. "Oh we finally got backup? I'm Aria..."
OK.I'm fox I think I told u
My main plot right now-
This isn't the end(thunderclan)
Skyclan cats finder for Coldwind and Milkfur!!!

I get on some on weekdays,but I don't do huge reply's and usually aren't on very long,so...yhea.just wanted to let everyone know so nobody gets mad if I reply to one thing and not the other...
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