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Default My Human Characters.

So, I decided I might as well get all of this down onto something.

Blake “‘Lake” Blistakren

Age: 18 almost 19 years (Birthday is February 4th)
Height: ‘6”4 feet
Weight: 132 pounds
Gender: Male
Rps: Post-Apocalyptic, Supernatural, anything with humans really.
Relationship?: None yet, has never been in relationship, straight. (Currently crushing on Scarlett in just about every RP he's in)
Looks: Wiry, pale, scruffy brown hair, light green eyes, a bit of a stubble sometimes, dark circles under eyes from lack of sleep; tattoo of a butterfly on the back of his neck, a lotus flower on his right shoulder, japanese writing on left ankle saying “一匹オオカミ” or “Lone Wolf”, branding on left shoulder labeled “A-3702”; nose constantly broken so he wears band-aid over it to keep it straight,
SCARS/INJURIES: Scar on left eyebrow, cut on lip, nick where his jaw meets his throat, whip marks on back, several scars on right arm from his father smashing a bottle of beer on him as a child, scar on his left leg from an attack dog that tore it open. Corner of left ear cut off (From arrow shot by Scarlett to shut him up,) Broken wrist and fingers on right hand, stab wound on left leg, gash on right cheekbone sewn up himself,
Personality: Anxious, paranoid, resentful, severely hopeless, acts goofy around others but was going to blow his brains out, has a "cornered stray dog" attitude when it comes to people he doesn't know, will get into fist fights if irritated (He's really good at fighting as he was practically raised military, don't tick him off)
Other: He has a screwed up past. He learned to follow orders before he learned to speak, and he was being groomed to be a personal guard for his best friend, the daughter of a wealthy politician. The best day of his life was when he turned five, and his little sister Lotus was born… She became his obsessive person to protect, and he wouldn’t even let his father near her most of the time... When he got older. he fought with his drunken military father, and ended up getting several scars from his dad’s rage. His parents were shot and killed at age 11, he was taken by the terrorist group who did it and tortured for a couple years, escaped and fought with military until he found Lotus and got back home again. He lived with his sister and had a fairly okay life other than the constant anxiety and drinking problem that developed, until the infection started taking place and the military had him fight again. His group were mostly slaughtered and the town Lotus was in was overrun. He searched for her but was too late... The worst part was that he wasn't "She's been a zombie for a while" late, he was "She's still alive but bleeding out in my arms" late. She had been gashed open and he had one last hour with her as her life slipped away… He spiraled into a depression he’d never known, and was hellbent on killing himself, however, he came across Scarlett and he had to do a change of plans...
Quirks: When nervous, swallows or scratches back of neck, and his voice cracks and becomes a higher pitch, also clenches his jaw but sometimes that means he’s pissed not nervous. If he blushes, you can see faint freckles he had when he was younger. When about to punch somebody or get into a fight, he will pop his pointer, ring, and middle fingers with his thumb, in that order.
“When your life has become so dark that you know you’ve hit rock bottom, there ain’t no way else to go but up.”
(With concussion) “Don’t leave! PLEASE! I’m scared I’m going to die, and I don’t want to anymore! I thought I did but I was wrong, and I know I’ll be dead sooner or later but I can’t just go ahead and pretend to be brave and accept it like I thought I could, y’know? I just… I don’t want to die anymore…”
(Day after concussion when he’s less out of it, speaking to scarlett) “I had the weirdest dream last night… You were being nice to me!”

Delta "Ghost" Syndon

Age: Barely 15 (Birthday November 17th)
Height: '5"10 Feet, unlikely to hit any other growth spurts
Weight 101 pounds
Gender Male
Rps: Literally just about anything with humans he can do, he'd adaptable like that.
(The rest is WIP)

My character's best quotes:
"When you're dyin' inside yet you can't do nothin' 'bout it, you know you've hit rock bottom... That means things can only get better... Right?" -'Lake
"You know that good cats can be tricked into doing bad things. One with the right intent can kill a clan. But the worst thing is Vengeance; it can blind you, and lead you to trust evil and push away friends. Don't ever let that happen." -Burnsoul
"Screw you all 'cause b!@#* I'm fabulous!" -Palewind
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