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Default Yuki's story

Note; This story is true, and Yuki is currently meowing at me
Also I took this from my DA so I wouldn't have to type it again

This is Yuki
Yuki is a small, bratty babe. We think he was a stray, but if they did have a home, the owner didn't take care of them well. Yuki is so skinny, you could count each of their ribs if you wanted. They have a torn claw and was left out in the freezing weather. Even though some cats are fine with it, Yuki seems to be two months old. And their fur is not yet thick enough to keep the kitten warm. If I hadn't of seen them, Yuki wouldn't have lived much longer.
I had seen Yuki before, but they ran before I could get a closer look. My friend would tell me about a kitten they would feed, and how it would go under their house. Yuki doesn't know how to hunt and is very skittish to people. (Although they weren't afraid to hiss at my dog when he got to close)
I found Yuki when I looked out of my back porch, I wanted to check on my chickens and feed them. When I did, I found a little grey fur ball near my shed looking at the hens. They didn't move, but just curled up and looked at them. I recalled the memory of my friend's story and grabbed some cat food in a bowl. My chickens ran up to me, and if you didn't know, Chickens can eat cat food too, and love it. I threw some away and headed out to see the cat. Yuki ran away, of course. Going through the fence and onto the other side. I followed, calling out to the cat and whispering calm words. I set the food down, backed up, and waited. Yuki seemed smart and made sure to sniff out everything and watch me. I could tell they didn't trust anyone. But soon Yuki started eating. I tried getting closer, but Yuki backed up. The chickens kept trying to eat the baby's food, but I chased them off. Yuki got scared and ran, and I grabbed more food and threw a large about out for the chickens. Yuki sat and ate for a while, by the way they were doing so I could tell I had been a long time since the kitten had any food.
I called my Mom, and I asked what to do. She had gotten off early and told me to get a towel and get Yuki. I tried, failing as my mom drove into the driveway with her car and my cousin, Jessie, approached her. I told him to get away, and Yuki ran through the fence and into the shed. I tried many times to get them, but my mom just told me to give up. They didn't want to get caught and I should just leave it alone. But I yelled no, and she left. Only to come out and grab Yuki to bring them in. It was snowing by then, and poor Yuki was shivering. We waited for a while, warming Yuki up and I mixed some wet dog food and dry cat food together and placed it on our kitchen floor.
I tried listing out names, calling them Pumba or Birch. My mom suggested we find something from their story to call them (She also said since she's letting me take care of them she gets to pick the name). She asked me what the word for snow was, and I said Yuki. Although the name is for mainly females, we don't know Yuki's gender. We looked at a few options, but my mom liked Yuki the best.
Yuki ate before exploring our house. Running around and climbing on things. I fixed up our old dog kennel and turned out a heater. We placed Yuki inside and gave them food and water for the night.
Now, Yuki is resting, and we hope they'll be alright. They had been living alone for so long, hopefully, they'll heal up.
So uh, yeah here's Yuki. They have a pretty neat story and I wanted to share this <3 Feel free to ask them any questions if you want. I'm teaching Yuki how to speak english

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