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Default Michelle Deash MGC

{ Name }
Michelle Deash (Pronounced Dash)
{ Nicknames }
Mitch or Dash
{ Previous Names }
{ Future Names }
{ Age }
18 almost graduating
{ Gender }
{ Sexuality }
{ Home }

{ Species }
{ Text Color }
Usually Blue

{ Hair/Fur Color }
Human- medium brown
Wolf- white, but in the sun, looks silver

{ Hair/Fur Texture }
Human- Silky and soft
Wolf- soft

{ Hair/Fur Length }
Human- lower back length
Wolf- short

​{ Eye Color }
Oceanic blue for both
{ Markings/Tattoos }
She has a wolf brand on her left ankle.


{ Likes }
Running, fighting, hanging with Blake and Cole, FOOD, protecting the pack, listening to Elders tell stories, reading, writing, drawing, doing stuff for herself. (She is very independent)
{ Dislikes }
Pink, threats (not in a frightened way, she gets ANGRY man!!), being told what to do, being healed.

inactive // dead
​{ Mother }
Gracy Deash (Inactive)
{ Father }
Daryl Deash (deceased in the line of duty)
{ Sisters }
{ Brothers }
{ Significant Other }
Soon to be Cole! @Silentshade
{ Sons }
{ Daughters }

inactive // dead
{ Love Interests }
Cole @Silentshade
{ Best Friends }
Open! ( Blake? @Silentshade )
{ Friends }
{ Acquaintances }
{ Enemies }
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Default Re: Michelle Deash MGC

yeah, I mean, Blake pratically is her friend already, might as well make him her best friend. Gosh, his younger brother has a love interest before he does, really pathetic Blake!
Cole, you have a relly great girl, consider yourself lucky, or Mitch will threaten you with a hairdryer * he has a weird fear of them, guess he hates the noise*
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