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Old 11-11-2017, 11:28 PM
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Default i need help...

im ashpaw i just joined and know nothing of this site, how can i play and join a clan. i dont even have a cat yet..about how long do i wait? or how do i start playing?
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Old 11-12-2017, 12:55 PM
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Default Re: i need help...

Originally Posted by ashpaw1 View Post
im ashpaw i just joined and know nothing of this site, how can i play and join a clan. i dont even have a cat yet..about how long do i wait? or how do i start playing?
1. This isn't a game dear, its a roleplay site. You type replies.
For example; Maplepaw walked through the clearing
To post, just click reply or quote to any thread or post you want to respond to
2. To make a cat, just use your imagination. The Bio section has an optional form that you can use if you want. Just make sure to have a realistic cat.
3. To join a clan, just jump in. If you are a kittypet rogue or loner, ask the leader by leaving a comment on the profile.
If you need anymore help just ask ^^

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Hello Everyone! I am not as active on this site anymore due to many reasons and will only respond to certain roleplays! ty~

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Default Re: i need help...

[This] will tell you what you need to know. Please also refer to the [FAQ], [Site Guidelines], and [Roleplaying Information]. They are bound to answer any questions you have! Here's also some directions I have written up in case you'd prefer to simply refer to these;

New members are required to post a certain number of, well, posts. This is to defend against robots, spams, etc. As soon as you've posted the required amount, you will be capable of accessing multiple parts of this site that may currently be locked for you.

1. Create a character! Simply use your imagine to think of your character's name, gender, age, Clan, appearance, personality, backstory, etc. Many of our members use the [Biography] section to post this information, or we create character pages using other sites. [Here] is an example of a character site. Feel free to browse what others have come up for their characters!
2. Depending on your character's backstory, you may have to speak to a few people. [This] tells you what is currently going on in the Clans. It also tells you what the joining requirements are for each Clan. If your character was born outside the Clans, here's a few Examples, under `ShadowClan` it says that joining is open to all cats except for those with a history of hostility against the Clans. This means if your character once had a negative interaction with the Clans, it is not welcome in ShadowClan. And under `WindClan`, it says that Dusk Syndicate cats can join so long as they interact with the leader before joining. If your character had a history in the Dusk Syndicate, you must contact the roleplayer of WindClan's leader to see if your character can be a WindClan cat. And if your character was born inside the Clans, simply begin roleplaying! You can start roleplaying in any of the Clans [Here].

Remember to read the FAQ, Site Guidelines, and Roleplaying Information! These are the rules, and its always best to read the rules in order to avoid trouble. I hope you enjoy Warrior Cats Online!

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