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Default Site Guidelines

Site Guidelines
(last updated: 7/10/16)

Below is a list of site rules that should be followed at all times while on Warrior Cats Online. When unsure if something is allowed on the site, check here or private message a staff member. If you see someone disobeying the guidelines on the forums, simply report it by using the red triangle on top of the post. If someone is breaking the rules on another part of the site, take a screenshot of the offense. These rules are to be followed by everyone. No one is above them, and if a rule is broken you will be punished according to the severity. The highest punishment is being permanently banned from the forums.

Rules are in place to maximize your experience and everyone elses, too. If you are in doubt about something particular, bring it up with a staff member. Note that these guidelines are subject to change. As a user, it is your responsibility to remain acquainted with them - unfamiliarity is never an excuse.

  • Vulgar language is not allowed, including references to, substitutions, and censorship. Damn, crap, hell, and ass are fine, however excessive use is punishable at a staff member's discretion.
  • Bullying, in any form, is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: using offensive language, taunting/coercive behavior, antagonizing fellow roleplayers, trolling, flaming, baiting, inciting users against each other, discrediting members or staff, and intolerance. Bullying will result in temporary loss of privileges or if necessary, a ban.
  • Warrior Cats Online is open to all roleplayers, regardless of writing skill, age, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, etc. Tolerance is necessary, acceptance is not.
  • Pornographic, sexual, or suggestive material is not allowed on Warrior Cats Online under any circumstances.
  • Revealing identifying information is not permitted. Refrain from publicly discussing full name (first name is fine, must not be requested), location (nothing more specific than state/province), school name(s), family members' names, phone numbers, teachers' names, etc. Age and gender are alright if offered, not asked for.
  • Excluding others from threads and/or roleplays is not allowed. Completely private roleplays and discussions should be taken to messaging.
  • Discussion of violence, illegal, or age-restricted activities is prohibited on the site. This includes threatening or stating you will partake in said activities, and by law, the staff are required to report you to authorities even if said jokingly.
  • Do not double post. If you must bump a thread, please wait at least six hours between posts.
  • Members having multiple accounts is heavily frowned upon and could result in termination from Warrior Cats Online. Please inform a staff member if someone within your household would like to join to prevent confusion and/or potential punishment. In the message, include your relation to this person.
  • Pictures are allowed. However, you may only have four images on your account, and they can not be flashy or exceed 600 (width) x 200 (height) in total. Signatures may not exceed these dimensions.
  • Threads are not to be posted for shock value or sympathy and will be locked. If you'd like to speak to the original poster, use the messaging system.
  • Warrior Cats Online takes art theft seriously. Unless the artist has specified otherwise, generally do not use or claim artwork that is not made by you or made for you. (Character artwork can be either purchased through the Kitty Koins Bank or requested in the Visual Arts category.)
  • Please don't spam the forums or send chainmail on Warrior Cats Online through the use of forums, profiles or signatures, as it's generally unnecessary and soaks up bandwidth. You may send chainmail via the messaging system, however ensure the recipient is alright with it beforehand. If you wish to advertise your site, there is a thread. To report someone spreading, or sending unwanted chainmail or spamming, take a screenshot of the offense and send it to an administrator.
  • Don't abuse the linking system, and use good judgment. In addition, refrain from linking to potentially-upsetting or frightening pages or images.

If there are questions or concerns regarding these rules, please bring them to the attention of a staff member.

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