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Default Fury's Biography

This copy of my post was intended for the main Biography thread, but got denied twice, so I'll have to put it here. If anyone finds some things out of place, let me know because I'm too lazy to find it myself.

I want to make one thing clear to the admins as I am posting this; I DO NOT INTEND TO POST MY CHARACTER IN THE WRONG THREAD. The reason I am putting Fury in the main Warriors roleplay thread is because even though I poured roughly 80% of my huge previous post into his past life(which is still not up so I can assume it was flagged and denied), I did not mean to advertise that Fury had no relation with the Clans, because he does. I was simply trying to explain his traumatizing backstory. So, I need to start over... But I guess this gives me an opportunity to improve my actually pretty crappy biography. I didn't explain his home or the lifestyle he had very much...

At the end of the biography I will make a list of both the Warrior cat's lifestyle and the Tribe's lifestyle, so you can see the general difference. You know, for those who are... Slow... Moving on. I will also give a more factual biography describing Fury's personal traits and personality type(using the well known 16 personalities website as a guide). It will also include a lot of the suggested biography content.

The following biography of Fury was taken from a book I myself am currently writing. The book actually has absolutely no connection with Warriors whatsoever besides the fact that it is revolving around intelligent cats, but in this particular case I have decided to use the main character from that book(still haven't named the book despite the fact I have 200 pages worth lol). If anyone has any questions about my book or want more information, feel free to message me.


Fury was born in the far North, countless moons away from both the Clans and the Tribe of Rushing Water, to a massive empire known as the Mountain Tribe. The last surviving Tribe of 14 in total. After the Great War, every other Tribe had been wiped out, while the one remaining Tribe stood victorious in the snowy clifftops. The Mountain Tribe had grown since then, so much that the cats had begun to number in the thousands(what can I say, cats like to reproduce). A royal line of cats were distinguished as the main victors after the Great War, and were appointed as Captains, each with their own role to help keep the Tribe together. Fury was part of the royal blood, and was put under intensive training from the time he opened his eyes. The emperor saw strength unmatched by most in him. A strength that would carry him far in life. He was promoted with honors to a Jaeger at an earlier age than his littermates(A Jaeger is basically a Warrior except they are taken out of the nursery the moment they can see and are constantly under extreme discipline and training nonstop). Fury spent most of his younger days searching for his father, who went missing in a skirmish during the Great War. But while he was occupied, him and every other innocent cat were unaware of the erosion taking place in the Tribe. The Warden(basically a Deputy except they give the Captains orders and they take care of a much bigger group of cats)killed the emperor one night. Chaos ensued. the scattered remains of the revenge hungry Tribes gathered to start a revolution with the Warden. the Captain's and their legions of Jaegers split into multiple groups, some choosing to side with the Warden, and others deciding to defend the Mountain Tribe. And so began the second war.

many moons of bloodshed followed. Captains slew one another in the heat of battle. Skirmishes to the East battered the Tribe over and over, and the body count began to grow. After a while, the armies stopped collecting the bodies. The freezing mountains became a blood bath of betrayal and deception. the Tribe was no more. Queens and kits left the now unsafe territory. Elders died in more intense fights. Captains started going insane, retreating to the shadows and refusing to take ownership of their legions of Jaegers who would flee pitifully. Fury fought valiantly, striking down a total of 4 cats, including his Father. When he returned to his homeland, grief stricken over his father's betrayal, the main camp was in ruin. Starvation and Treachery had begun to take control of each and every cat. Cannibalism was becoming a regular thing among the more desperate. When he searched for his mother, he found her dead, half eaten by another cat. Moons passed. The Tribe's hunger and sanity grew even worse when the Warden and his legions of Jaegers sieged the camp for a full 4 moons. The next night, when Fury was on watch at the main entrance(he was doing it himself because he had no cat to give him orders. They were either dead or insane at this point), the Warden began a skirmish on the entrance with over 6 legions; roughly 600 hostile cats had begun to swarm the entrance. A small band of perhaps 50 Mountain Tribe Jaegers, almost all of hem experienced, but old, and also the only ones still sane, stood up from the body littered camp to make one final stand of honor. And they held the entrance all night. One by one each of them fell, but for each Mountain Tribe death, it was counteracted with the death of at least 10 enemies When dawn began to give way, only a handful of Jaegers on each side were left standing to fight. The morning aftermath was gruesome. The few that still stood were exhausted to the point where they stumbled past each body, the blood that soaked them weighing them down. In that final stage of attack, the Warden killed 4 of the 12 remaining Jaegers, and only Fury and the remaining 7 managed to kill him. At the end of the battle, Fury was left with a scarred shoulder that would be visible for the rest of his life. A constant reminder of the trauma. His parents were dead. His siblings were either crazy or lost someplace among the thousands of bodies strewn along the mountains. And even though he had managed to spare his Tribe, it was hardly a Tribe anymore. They were all insane.


Fury grew tired of the bloodshed. During the night, when the Tribe were preparing to celebrate the victory and the 7 courageous Jaegers, Fury walked right out the front entrance, not even acknowledging the entrance guard when he asked where he was going. Fury never returned. His trauma stayed with him forever as he traveled far and wide. he grew in patience and wisdom as he learned the many gifts and blessings of the huge world surrounding him. It would never unclog the grief and massive guilt in him, but it made him realize that violence should never be the answer to problems if possible. He traveled until his paws felt they would break, and just when he felt he should stop and settle someplace quiet, alone, he stumbled across the Clans.


The following here is where my cat is at the beginning. this, obviously, will change.

Fury stalks the borders of the Clans, wishing he had the courage to step out and introduce himself, but constantly hiding and thinking about it.


Name: Fury
Age(moons): 46
Gender: Male

General Description:

Dark grey tom with blazing orange with. Medium build. Quiet. Can be quick in a fight but when facing another cat with extreme dexterity he has to be cautious. Pin him in a corner with two or more cats and he's finished unless you give him a chance to escape into a more open area. His reflexes are fine, but as mentioned before, a much quicker cat could take him. Has a long, rugged scar over his left shoulder. Deep, husky voice. Walks with confidences, yet has a restricted, disciplined stride that he was taught as a Jaeger.

Residential Information:

Former Affiliation: Mountain Tribe
Current Affiliation: None/Open
Former Rank: Jaeger
Current Rank: None/Open

Interpersonal Connections:

Father: Aaric[DECEASED]
Mother: Abequa[DECEASED]
Siblings: Destiny[MISSING], Marmalade[INSANE/PRESUMED DEAD]
Best friend(s): None/Open
Friend(s): None/Open
Neutral: With just about anyone he doesn't know from the Great Wars.
Acquaintance(s): None/Open
Enemies: Anyone from his past life and/or someone who has malicious intent over someone else who is innocent and/or not deserving of the pain.
Crush: None... Seriously? He's a middle aged cat with absolutely no social life; What do you expect lol
Significant other: None/Open


Type: INFJ-T
Traits: Quiet, collected, Visionary, Prefers solitude over crowded spaces, perfectionist, like to do everything set in front of him, or else nothing at all.
Mental age(moons): 74
Phyciatric complications: DURRR I don't know, maybe the fact he spent over 12 moons killing cat after cat? How about when he slaughtered his father? When he returned home to a dead mother? Constant battle and bloodshed? Stress? Struggling to stay sane? Starvation? Hatred? Eccentric violence? PTSD and depression? Yeah, that's a LOT of complications right there.
Phobias: Extreme, unnecessarily unsafe heights(the mountains felt safe to him because of his Tribe), Drowning in small spaces ie. in a small cave, Dying without dignity or honor.
Sociability: VERY unsociable. He can't even approach the Clan cats just to introduce himself.
Outlook: Dark and gloomy, to be honest. This improves significantly throughout his life, but over all, the massive trauma and guilt he will always carry will take a toll on how he sees even the positive things. This is a negative part of him that makes him unreliable and unattractive in some cat's eyes.
Responsibility: He takes responsibility for part of the fall of his past Tribe, as well as the death of his Father. I'd say he's guilty enough to be considered very responsible. 8.3/10
Generosity: At his stage in life, he would probably let most cats live in a fight, even if they deserved to die. 7.8/10
Manners: Alright, alright, lets face it. he's spent the past half of his life alone, constantly travelling. Of course he's gonna he a little ill mannered. he hardly knows how to interact anymore. 4/10(I hope to improve that sometime. Joining the Clans should help)
Bravery. 8.9/10. If you doubt that read over the biography again.
Logical/Emotional: 58% Emotional, 42% Logical.
Quirk: He has a strange knack for twitching his ears eccentrically when listening. Sort of like he's acknowledging he can hear something.

Well... I just wasted a lot of time. Good day.
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Default Re: Fury's Biography

It wasn't a waste of time it's just a lot of time
Spent in occ warrior clans instead of main clans.
I suggest bringing your cat fury into the main clans
But you will have to rethink his background

Rowanflower is merely a deputy and has yet to learn, contact
Fallenstar to get the answers your looking for <3


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