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Default My Finder | Merciless

A finder for my doggies in the Merciless Roleplay.

name. Rose
nickname. Thorn
age. 4 years
gender. Female
scent. Roses
rank. Assassin
personality. Rose is vicious. A cold-blooded killer, she has absolutely no remorse for her victims. Rose come's across as distant, cold, and not some one you would want to cross. Which is rather easy to do, as she has a terrible temper. While she does have a softer side, you have to get very close to her before she'll reveal it to you.
appearance: Austrailian Shepherd
history. Rose grew up as a farm dog, but while others would simply guide the sheep. Rose was the one chasing away or killing the wolves. When she got in a fight with one of her peers, her humans left her to die in the wilderness until she found the pack.
Needed | Wanted | Would be nice.
Mother: Must be about 6 years.
Father: Must have been a farm dog.
Siblings: No requirements
Friends: No requirements, will not know Rose's real name. They'll just call her Thorn.
Best Friend: I'll be picky about this, their personalities can either clash or be similar to Rose's.
Love Interest: Must be okay with her violent tendencies. Must be male

Name. Mickey
Age. 10 years
Gender. Male
scent. Cedar
rank: Elder(Former Hunter)
personality. Mickey is a grouchy guy, although he enjoys telling the pups stories of back when he was with the humans.
appearance. German Shepherd
history. Mickey was given to an elderly couple and grew up in a rich home, and he's used to the rather comfy life. His humans both died of old age, so after paying his respects to them, he left.
Siblings: No Requirements
Former Mate: Can be dead or alive, can be resentful or indifferent. Must be female.
Current Mate: Must already be mates, can have had pups or not. Must be female.
Pups: Must be fullgrown, no other requirements.
Friends: No requirements
Best Friend: Can be old or young, must be grouchy.

name. Galileo
nickname. Leo
age. 4 years
gender. Male
scent. Pine
rank. Fighter
personality. Galileo is a cheerful fellow, always joking with his friends and generally getting along with others.
appearance. Siberian Husky Lab Mix
Galileo was born to the dog of a simple, average family. His humans died in a car accident, after waiting days for them to return, he finally realized they were not returning, and he left to join the pack.
Best Friend: No requirements.
Friends: No requirements
Love Interest: Must be female. No other requirements.

Notice: Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights I have church. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays 2:30ish-9:00ish I have basketball practice. I will be inactive accordingly.
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