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Default Survey FAQ

Based on some of the feedback given in the WCO Guidelines Survey, there's some confusion with some of the guidelines we plan on clearing up. These will likely be revised in the new guidelines, but this will be a reference until those are published.

I don't understand the rule on excluding others from roleplays and making completely private roleplays. It doesn't seem to be enforced and there's a ton of threads that are private!
The rule in question was never meant to keep "private" roleplays off WCO. When it was first introduced, it was created to stop people from deliberately excluding a certain person from a roleplay because it was "that person". For example, user 1 applies to user 2's roleplays, but they're always rejected because they're user 1.

If a member is causing drama in your roleplay, report the messages using the at the corner of each post. A staff member will handle the user. Please do not engage them yourself. This makes the situation worse for both parties.

Why can't names and appearances be unrealistic? What are the limitations on it?
On Warrior Cats Online, we try to be fairly realistic. As long as it's in the realm of possibility you should be okay. The descriptions used in books are fair game, however please keep in mind some appearances are based on genetic abnormalities. A cat should not have pink/red eyes unless they are an albino (and thus should be a white cat / very pale pink cat [because the light is reflecting off blood vessels]) or their eye was injured.

Breeds of "wild" domesticated cats like the Savannah are alright provided they are 3rd or more generation. First and second would be too wild for a Clan setting. Rare breeds that aren't commonly found in the United States should be avoided (even if they are a kittypet/loner); I would suggest asking a staff member if you're not sure your breed is acceptable.

As a note, just because you can't have the breed does not mean you can't keep the appearance. You can make your character an American short-hair but say they look genetically similar to an Egyptian Mau.

On the subject of names, we ask they be named after things that can be found in the Eastern United States / Canada. SkyClan cats may have names from around North America. If you're unsure if your name is acceptable, contact a staff member. Loners and kittypets have no name restrictions, and depending on the Clan leader, may keep their original name regardless of the prefix upon joining.

If you have a character that wouldn't be realistically possible or has an unrealistic name you don't want to change/give them an outsider history, you may want to consider putting them in the Alternative Warriors Roleplay.

Why can't we have more than four images on our account?
This rule only applies to signatures because images usually take up a large amount of space and inconveniences users who are trying to scroll through a thread. It does not apply to posts, albums, and visitor messages, so feel free to post your images there!

If you are using a spoiler tag in your signature, feel free to post as many images within it as you'd like.

How much herb knowledge can my non-medicine cat character have?
There's been a few changes to this rule over the years, but the updated version is this: if your character has a valid reason (it cannot be because "they want to") for learning a herb, they can if they are taught in roleplay by another qualified character. This is limited to current medicine cats and their apprentices and former medicine cats. Former medicine cat apprentices may not pass on their knowledge.

Medicine cats may use their discretion to decide whether your reasoning is acceptable or not.

Prior to messaging the user you want your character to learn from, ensure they are valid. Are they:
  • A current medicine cat / medicine cat apprentice?

  • A former medicine cat? If you're unsure, check the Hall of Fame for a list of previous medicine cats and/or reach out to a staff member to verify the character and roleplayer are the same.
You do not need to contact a staff member for permission to learn extensive herb knowledge.

We should be able to create a faction with a high rank hierarchy in the main roleplay! I don't want to be confined to the Alternative Warriors Roleplay.
A huge reason why we don't permit the creation of unofficial main roleplay factions is it's normally a cheap shot at individuals trying to get a high rank, which sucks for users who have worked toward gaining a Main Clan position for months or even years. Users who attempt to create groups in the main roleplay usually don't respect the rule on interacting with the Clans without permission as well.

The Alternative Warriors Roleplay gives everyone a chance at making their own Warriors universe, and if you get enough traction, you may even be able to gain your own Clan category.

For those interested in having a group within the guidelines, it's rather simple. Your group can have no more than seven cats total, can not have a name or be called a Clan/Tribe/Syndicate, etc, and can not have any authority figures or ranks. It is recommended the group consists of acquaintances, family, or friends, but is not required.

Given how diverse the userbases' age is, couldn't we have private sections that permit stronger foul language?
We do offer the possiblity of Non-Warriors Roleplay threads becoming a category with an age restricted rating. You can read about the qualifications for becoming a category here.

These restrictions have been set in place to reduce the chance of a thread becoming a category and going inactive or being unused.

I don't understand why apprentices can't be open about their crushes or affectionate. The books sometimes include it,
so why can't we?
Apprentices in the Warriors series are often depicted as being the equivalent of young children / teens, and it can be off putting to have them be seriously affectionate towards another individual. Prior to this rule being introduced, users also would abuse the crush privilege and have their apprentices become mates and have kits. With that said, the rule is under revision. Apprentices will be able to show some affection such as nuzzling and licking, but their crushes should not be serious. Think "I like you" instead of "I love you".

The rule in which they can not take on a mate or have kits will remain intact.


Hopefully that helps clear some things up! This FAQ is subject to change as the survey remains active.

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