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Default Merciless|A dog roleplay|New and accepting!


You’re life had seemed perfect. You were well fed, you had many friends, everything had been pieced together. But then it struck. A tornado hit. Destruction and chaos was everywhere. Close to nothing had survived. Your friends and family, gone. All the morals you were taught had disappeared. You were alone. That is, until you found ‘them’. A group of different dogs. Not one of them had seemed to have something in common. There were some soft, domesticated dogs who had no idea what was happening, and then a group of ungroomed strays and ferals posing threats to the house pets. In the midst of them, stood a confident male Doberman Pinscher in a somewhat commanding pose. ” The world has betrayed us. We are no longer supported by the humans and creatures that once took care of us. Food is scarce. And water is short. There is only one way for us to survive now. To form a hierarchy. Any objections are free to leave and risk the life of a rogue. Choose your sides now. Join the support of pack mates, or live an isolated life of a loner.”


With the privilege of being able to have roleplays, there comes rules. There won’t be a lot, I swear! All normal rules have to be followed. All pack rules may be broken.

Roleplay Rules.
• No Mary/Gary sues.
• All forms must be posted on the Discussion thread.
• Pm me if you want a high rank. (Don’t ask for alpha female. The alpha will choose them.)
• All of wco’s rules apply.
• No power playing.
• No killing another persons character without permission.
• Only create as many characters as you can handle.

Pack Rules.

• Never disobey the alpha
• Listen to higher ranks
• Food is to be handed to the high ranks first.
• Omega always eats last.
• There will be no tolerance of betrayal.
• Higher ranks are obtained through battles only.
• Selfishness is not tolerated. All prey hunted must be brought back to camp.


A tornado has hit the city you have been living in, affecting everything living in it. But in the middle of the chaos, a band of domesticated and wild dogs form together to make a pack. You are given two choices. Join the pack and it’s heirarchy ruling, or risk your survival in living as a rogue.

Remember to put all forms, questions, and unrelated topics in the discussion thread here

Rank info

If you don’t know what any of these ranks are, then you’ve come to the right place. All ranks will be listed and explained here. All ranks are sorted from highest to lowest.

Alpha Male

The leader of the pack. All of their commands must be followed. All rules created by him and broken by others may and will be punished.

Alpha Female

The Alpha Male’s mate. Only decided and chosen by the male. Rules over the pack alongside the alpha male.


This is the second in command role. They enforce the rules given by the alphas, and is in charge of the pack if both are away. If both alphas happened to die, they would take charge and become the new alpha. This rank cannot be challenged without alphas permission.


There can only be one. This rank is an already fully trained wolf and is ready to take the beta position if they get deranked, sick, die, or leave. They may not ever take the beta rank and stay as delta. If the beta does leave, they only take charge on alphas request. They are also the messenger of the pack.


There are four Sentinels. They are made up of two pairs of mates. This role is specially chosen by the alphas. And are trained that if something happened to the beta and the alphas, they’d take charge. They don’t have any power over the pack unless stated by the alphas. This role can’t be challenged.


These are the dogs age 7 years and older. They are usually wise and know a lot more than anyone in the pack. They’re hsually the ones the alphas go to for advice. And if they’re wise enough or fight a better argument over their problem, the only ones the alphas may submit to. They’re as highly respected as the alpha and the beta in the pack.


The name is self explanatory. They’re the spies and Assassin a for the pack. There can only be a total of three in each pack.

Lead Fighter

They take orders from the alphas and betas. There can only be one of these. They’re the leaders/general/instructor of all the fighters.


These are the fighters and protectors of the pack. The amount of them usually varies on how big of small the pack is. They take all their orders from the alpha, beta, and lead fighter.

Lead Hunter

There can only be one. They instruct and order all of the other hunters in the pack.


Amount of wolves as hunters varies from the size of the pack. Every member in the pack hunts, but these are the main ones and do it more often.

Lead Scout

There can only be one. They instruct and order the rest of the scouts.


The scavengers of the pack. They take all orders from the alpha, beta, and lead scout. They hunt small creatures, survey the land with the fighters, and find anything that may be useful to the packs survival.


There can only be two of these. They ensure the survival of the pack via injuries and wounds.


These wolves are like the tutors of the pack. They They know a bit about each thing. They often train pups for a role they wish or help subordinates to get a rank.

Pup watchers

A group of mothers or wolves that watch the pups. Despite the caring role they take, they sometimes show the most hostility to ensuring the pups survival. All pups must leave their watch at nine months.


The unranked members of the pack. All new yearlings or new wolves are placed as this until they can prove them self of getting another rank.


Pretty self explanatory. Wolves to young to be ranked. They are protected under the Pup watchers and are legibal to be set as another rank or as a subordinate at nine months.


The lowest rank of the pack. They do all the dirty work, and are treated the most harshly. They always eat last. And if food is scarce, they may not eat at all.


The outsiders of the pack. They don’t have any rank in it or have anything to do with the pack. They focus on their own survival only.


All members and their ranks are listed here. A good reference to use if you are looking for available Roles.

Alpha Male[1/1]
Pluto|4 years|Male|Me

Alpha Female [0/1]
To be chosen by alpha male.

Beta [1/1]
Governor|3 years|Male|Ant

Delta [0/1]

Sentinels [0/4]

Elders [1/5]
Mickey|10 years|Male|FadingEchos

Assasin [2/4]
Valdeze|3 years|Male|Undercover
Rose|4 years|Female|FadingEchos

Lead Fighter [0/1]

Fighters [1/10]
Galileo|4 years|Male|FadingEchos

Lead Hunter [1/1]
Spice|3 years 10 months|Female|Aleka

Hunters [unlimited]
Star|3 years|female|Raven Hollow
GingerSnap|5 years|Male|Aleka

Lead Scout [0/1]

Scouts [unlimited]

Salutary [0/2]

Sigma [0/3]

Pup watchers [0/4]

Subordinates [0/7]

Pups [0/6]

Omega [1/1]
Midnight|2 years|female|Raven Hollow

Rogues/Loners [0/5]


[x] Sunny
[ ] Cloudy
[ ] Cool
[ ] Raining
[ ] Snowing

[ ] Night
[ ] Dawn
[x] Day
[ ] Afternoon
[ ] Sunset


Relations Key
✩ = Siblings
✶ = Mentors
✭ = Likes
✸ = Mates
✦ = Used to be mates
✱ = Mothers/Fathers

Spice ✭ Pluto

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Default Re: Merciless|A dog roleplay|New and accepting!

We are open!
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Default Re: Merciless|A dog roleplay|New and accepting!

Originally Posted by Wolfheart2329 View Post
We are open!
(I guess I'll start then?)
Rose sat alone in their camp, her eyes glowing with an intense menace as she surveyed the canines surrounding her. With a sudden shake of her fur, she wrapped her fluffy tail around her body, continuing to gaze at the sight.

Mickey lay down, his gray-flecked pelt rising and falling slowly as he settled in for a name, burying his nose into the crook of his foreleg.

Galileo trotted around camp excitedly, nodding a greeting to each dog he saw, with his tail wagging in happiness.
(Sorry these are so short, writer's block.)
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Default Re: Merciless|A dog roleplay|New and accepting!

Nova sat, then looked over the camp. She saw others, and she wanted to talk to them, but she didn't want to bother them too much. So she stayed, not speaking.
Please mention or quote me so I can come! Thanks!
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Default Re: Merciless|A dog roleplay|New and accepting!

The female licked her lips, one of her forepaws bent under her chest while the other stretched forward, as she rested her body on the ground. Anura looked around, pondering whenever she had to do something for the pack. With a slight groan, she rose to her paws, shaking her body to clean her pelt a bit from the dust. Probably she'd give her chest some licks later, the dog thought with an exhausted glance at her coat. Anura proceeded with a soft pace, taking all the time she needed to reach the Alpha. She felt as if the canine was surrounded by a strange aura - or maybe she was just being paranoid. However, she didn't let her posture signal her feelings. The female gave a respectful nod of her head once she was close enough to the male.
she'd approach the other, looking into his eyes. She looked thoughtful, as if she was choosing the best words to keep on going. Meanwhile, she waited for the Alpha to do something that would mean he was aware of her presence.

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