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Default Blade's Shack


This was her domain. The grey and while she-cat had claimed it as hers. She ran the old occupants out. The little wooden shack abandoned in the woods. Breaking apart. It was a prime area for rodents and an even better place to hide from the weather outside. It normally kept dogs away and twolegs never bothered her here. Just the strays and former clan/Syndicate cats. Of course, she didn't mind the company, it kept her skills in tact. The word was spreading who live here, however. The 'assassin' from the Syndicate. The she-cat who murdered for others despite there never being evidence to prove the rumors. Oh, but she has a name: Blade.

In that moment, the she-cat was laying on a slab of wood jutting out of the walls. She was fairly far up in the shack, able to look down on anyone who dared entered through any of the openings in the walls. Her tail draped over the edge lazily, her back legs sprawled to the side while her head rested on her crossed forepaws. Boredom shone in those glowing amber hues, half closed in the half-light shining through the small window to her right. Right now, she'd love to nap, but her instincts were telling her to stay awake. She felt as though something were about to happen and she always listened to her gut instinct.

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Default Re: Blade's Shack


The partially dimmed light made a cat's golden coat glow softly. The tom made his ways towards the little shack that was nearly abandoned but one. Amber orbs shifted suspiciously as his nerves made his pelt prickle slightly. This was new terrain for the tom. The savannah had not ventured far from the Windclan territory since joining - it would be too suspicious, given that they were already cautious of him - and even why he had lived within the Syndicate he stayed in their own territory. Though after he had decided to come here, he had come up with a plan in order to avoid getting caught and his plans found out. The tom had tried to make it seem that he was heading towards a different direction on the territory, even leaving some fresh-kill with his scent under a thin layer of dust. That way, they would think he was hunting if they followed him and came across it. Maybe it wasn't some incredible plan but as long as it worked, it was good enough for him.

With the shacking looming ahead, he couldn't help but shiver. Flashpaw glanced up at it. It was small, wooden, and looked almost welcoming to any loners or rogues who found themselves in search for shelter. But there was an air about it. The apprentice felt that perhaps he should turn around and head back, this could wait another time and day. But he forced his paws forward. Everything was on edge - his ears, fur, and attention - as if ready for an attack. The reasoning for being here were simply: back-up. In his time in the Syndicate, Flashpaw had learned of Blade and her work. She was a great fighter and if he could get her to work for him, then he would be able to have a back-up plan if anything goes array for him in the future. It would be nice to have someone to count on to help him out, he would feel less alone if that were the case.

Though Flashpaw hesitated at the entrance to the place. With another sweep of his suspicious gaze, the spotted apprentice took a breath. He did not know this place - he did not know where any other exits were, how many cats could be in there, the places that cats could be hiding. Once he went in there, he would more than likely be at the mercy of who ever was occupying the place. Closing his eyes, Flashpaw let the breath go and stepped into the shack.
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