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Default Re: SkyClan Territory

Originally Posted by Raven & Co View Post
Crowsight smiled down at the tom once more, surprised as he seemed to hide something, which made the tom's ears perk, he sniffed the little tom and, as he heard him, pressed his nose into his fur playfully. "I'm Crowsight, you don't have anything to worry here, you're safe, and we sure can't say less considering you're with Tinyfawn." He mewed softly, giving the kit a lick between the ears, the tom had always had a fatherly side, he loved kits! "Did you come here on your own or did someone bring you here? Because if you were brought here, it means that your mother, or father, knows about the clans." He said, taking in the kit's scent, it wasn't one he knew. Turning his attention to his hidden paw again, he met Duffle's gaze. "Mind showing me what you're hiding under there? We sure wouldn't want you to be injured..." He added, worry clearly evident in his tone, the tom was always like that, being with a kit or his clanmates, he cared, and that was what made him who he was.

Tinyfawn looked over at Crowsight, happy to see him. She purred and pawed at the toms shoulder. "No I didn't get lost or anything. I found him. He says his mother had to leave him or his two legs would send him away." The feline mewed softly as she then put her attention back on Cragkit. "Are you sure you like it? If not, you can tell me if you have anything else you like? Stonekit? Kestrelkit? Larkkit? Rockkit? Curlkit?" The now new queen looked nervously at Crowsight, unsure of how to handle this because he wasn't hers.

Nodding in agreement with what Crowsight had said, "Yes, you are 100% safe here. I promise you that. I don't take promises lightly!" She purred as she moved herself slightly closer to both toms. She found it cute that Crowsight enjoyed and loved having kits around just as much as she did. "And Crowsight is my best friend here in Skyclan so you can trust him." She said as she motioned toward Cragkit and what he was hiding. "It's okay"
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Default Re: SkyClan Territory

Cloverspring's soft paws tenderly padded the ground as she quietly moved around the bracken that was blocking her path. The scrawny mouse was unaware of presence, and still busily scavenging for some seeds. Cloverspring carefully moved into a hunting crouch, the she-cat's eyes locked on her unexpecting prey. The mouse's ears perked as it whipped it's head around, but by then it was too late. Cloverspring was already flying through the air, only a kittenstep away from her prey. She swiftly grabbed the mouse in her jaws, and killed it in one sharp bite. "The amount of prey is not all that plentiful," thought Cloverspring to herself, as she picked up two more scrawny mice she had caught earlier and started to trot back to camp.
As she started heading back to camp, a large rustle sounded from a nearby bush. Her ears pricked at the sound, she instinctively sniffed for a scent coming from that bush. Cloverspring placed the mice on the ground and grinned, "I can hear you," she exclaimed as a recognizable figure slinked out of the shadows of the oak tree...
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Default Re: SkyClan Territory

Originally Posted by Charmer View Post
(How dare you! Jk, life happens. School is kind of important )

Shinefang listened to Skyclan's leader. There was nothing more to add. The younger tom was just getting his first taste of contentment and seeing how the flavor compared to the sharp tang of speed and longing for more and more that every cat spent his younger days chasing. The old tom wondered if the leader would look back on talks like this someday, and think of him as a wise old medicine cat spouting profound truths by a stream. He couldn't help but grin to himself. Wise? Me? Even the smartest kitwit is still a kitwit. But never underestimate the power of hindsight to make you sound deep. Enjoying this time simply sitting quietly by the stream, Shinefang opted not to interrupt it until a particularly strong gust seemed to cut right through his fur. He shook out his pelt. "Well, maybe we ought to speed up just long enough to get back. You know, before you catch cold." The old tom pulled his gaze away as he turned back toward camp, sorry to leave the view of the treetops against the sky, and the gentle whispering of the water under the ice. He turned back, checking to make sure the brown tabby was following.
It was a good moment, the two sitting there by the stream, reflecting together as if they were two elders who where past their prime age. A moment that Grousestar would be fond of in the future, the words that were spoken would very likely stick with him. The tom slightly wished it would last longer, but even he couldn't ignore the sharp bite of the air as the wind cut by, easily getting at the skin beneath his short coat despite how much he tried to fluff it up. So when the medicine cat suggested they get going, he didn't put up much of an argument. He had gotten his breath back and would be able to make it back to camp to get more rest. "Yes, I don't think I'd like to get another illness for a while. Too much sitting around, makes me feel like an elder." He chortled out as he carefully brought himself to stand, testing his legs with a slight stretch before making his way after the battle-scarred tom. Walking came a little bit easier on the way back, perhaps because it was cold and he had a desire to get somewhere warm, or maybe because his legs were limbering up again. Either way, he didn't have too much trouble keeping up with Shinefang on the way back, his gaze focused on the ground, watching his own paws as one stepped in front of the other, carrying him along, likely buried in his thoughts again.

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