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Exclamation The Direction of WCO

The Direction of WCO (depends on you!)
A Developmental Update and Poll for Future Ventures

Hello everyone! Welcome to the explanation and discussion of potentially-upcoming major changes to the site. The staff are on a mission to make WCO a more fun, engaging, friendly, and an overall awesome experience, and you--the members--are the reason why we're successful. As the heart of WCO, it only makes sense you should be informed and have the opportunity to offer input on the future of our roleplaying forums.

There are SO MANY huge proposed ideas in this thread that will affect you whether you roleplay in the main Clans, Other Roleplaying, or Warriors Free RP, so we kindly ask you to read the entire post prior to giving feedback. These changes are not yet in place and are subject to be altered based on the general responses we receive.


Monthly Kudos is making a grand return to WCO and has resumed!

For those of you who are unsure of what that is, Monthly Kudos is a feature designed to spotlight the most dynamic Main Roleplay characters, roleplays, and relationships of the site. Due to a lack of voting and variance within competitors, it was temporarily removed, but we're excited to be bringing it back with a new system that'll hopefully deter bandwagon voting or prevent a popularity contest.

Instead of voting, we are adopting a nominee arrangement. Take Character of the Month for example: one member can suggest a character, and the next person must suggest a different character from the first member. Repeat nominations will be deleted. At the end of the nomination cycle, winners will be randomly selected from the suggestions after ensuring eligibility.

- x - x - x - x -


Hiatus Threads - A subforum will be added for the purpose of announcing hiatuses from the site. Any extra content aside from the leaving and expected return date (if any) will be removed* from the post, and replies will be disabled; this addition would be primarily for staff when checking high rank activity eligibility.
If the staff see you have a thread in the hiatus category stating you will be gone from September 7th to the 14th, we know not to count the lack of roleplay posts from that week against you.
*Members may still post further details on their profiles surrounding the hiatus.

Warriors Free Roleplays - The following rule will be abolished:
You may only have two roleplay threads per person. Abusing this system will result in thread termination.
This rule was originally crafted to avoid the Warriors Free Roleplay becoming more popular than the Main Roleplay, but that's silly in retrospect. As an alternative to this, we'd like to invite our members to make as many threads as you all can handle, because we're still a roleplay site at the end of the day.
To amend our error, previously confiscated roleplays will be fully restored, and you are more than welcome to post in them to keep the threads from being moved into the archive.

- x - x - x - x -


To aid in organization of the forums, OOC will be split into two separate sections: Off Topic and Roleplaying. It seems illogical and messy to have true OOC things (e.g. General Board, Site Assistance) and OOC roleplay things (the Resources, Allegiances) within one section. Here are the sections and what they would contain:

Off Topic (OOC) -
Site Information
Site Assistance
Kitty Koins Bank
Profile Mewsic
General Board
Warriors Discussion
Visual Arts

Roleplaying (OOC) -
Roleplay Information (new category - this is where site-wide plots, the RP Guidelines, and other threads that affect the Main RP will be placed)
Monthly Kudos (new category - this is where nominations will commence)
Ceremony Requests
Roleplaying Resources
Plot Resources
Adoption Acres

- x - x - x - x -


Ever been browsing through one of the Resource categories and opening millions of tabs, searching for the correct faction? Fret no further, because we have a solution: thread prefixes! This will make labels that divide threads by faction. Click HERE for a live example of what this would look like.

It's a very simple tool to use. When creating a new thread in the Resource categories, just pick the appropriate prefix and continue as usual.

As a bonus, prefixes are 100% searchable - let's say you only want to see SkyClan-related finders or plots. Go to the right corner of the category, locate "Search this Forum" and select "Advanced Search." From this page, you will notice a box labeled "Find Threads with Prefix" and after choosing one or more, hit "Search Now." You will be taken to a page of threads containing that prefix.

- x - x - x - x -


Warrior Cats Online has always been home to more than just the Main Roleplay; Other Roleplaying and Warriors Free Roleplay constitutes a sizable portion of our user base and threads. Since it is such a significant part of the site, we are hoping to expand on these areas to give them a better presence on the forums.

Other Roleplaying (Other RPing) and Warriors Free Roleplay (WFRP) will each become sections on the forum index page. Sections are the "titles" that contain categories within them - examples of sections include OOC, Roleplay, and Other. Within these sections, there are categories. In the case of OOC, categories include Site Information, Site Assistance, and so on.

These new sections, one for Other Roleplaying and the other being Warriors Free Roleplay, will have a general category at the top. This category will be where roleplays can be created and roleplayed in, much like the current functionality of Other RPing and WFRP. The next category will be Resources - this will be similar to how the Main Roleplay has Roleplaying Resources and Plot Resources, but specifically for Other RPing and WFRP roleplays, characters, and plots. If a Biography category is in demand, that can be added as well.

Sounds exciting, I hope? Well, here's the icing on the cake - roleplay threads with enough participants and posts will be eligible to have their thread made into its own category within that section as long as the roleplay maintains activity. The owner(s) will be free to create threads in their shiny, new category to designate "places" in that roleplay if they wish. (Think of how the Main Clans are set up. Every Clan is a category, and the threads include the Clearing, Dens, etc.)

For those who don't want a longer index page, at the corner of each section there is a you can click that will collapse it. The collapsing stays when you refresh the page, and if you ever want to bring it back, all you need to do is select the button again.

NOTE: The following idea remains debated, and we have not fully tested its feasibility.

In the past, we've allowed Other RPing threads to exceed the Site Guidelines under special circumstances if the roleplay content/concept called for it. The short version: we're considering bringing this back.
The long version: When an Other RP thread gains enough momentum to be made into a category, the owner(s) will decide what rating would be suitable for the roleplay - either a G-PG, PG-13, or R-rating. If they choose to make the roleplay rated R, a joinable group will be tailored to the roleplay - those who are not in the group will not have the ability to view the category's content. Requests to join the group can be sent easily, though they must be approved by staff to ensure the user is 16+ years old as indicated by the birthdate linked to the requester's account (if no birthdate is supplied, the request will be denied.)
This feature would permit heavy profanity and slurs*, along with references to and illegal activities. Sexual themes will still be strictly prohibited.
*May not be used against anyone out of character.

- x - x - x - x -


We'd like to gauge member interest on a possible addition to the site's roleplay lore: the origins of the Clans. There has been a handful of you wanting to have access to information about the Main Clans' histories, and we'd be happy to provide this. Much like the Erin Hunter's Special Edition books (such as Tallstar's Revenge or Bluestar's Prophecy), the Clan history would be written in a novel-style format - a loose emulation of the series we all love!

This would deepen understanding of the Clans' backgrounds, and it would give modern elders ancient stories to tell that have been passed down from generations.

However, SkyClan has a separate history from ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan, and to maintain our sanity, we will be working on one WCO Special Edition at a time. Please let us know which you'd prefer we start tackling: the Main Clan history, SkyClan's, or neither.
Depending on what is requested, the Dusk Syndicate may also receive its own "novel" in the distant future.

Should this become a reality, it is highly likely that we will ask for member proofreaders to lend a hand in the editing and revision process before it is available for everyone to see. Which leads into the next point...

- x - x - x - x -


Ah yes, the elusive handbook - the spiritual successor to the primitive Guide that once helped new members through navigating WCO. You may have even thought this was a myth, considering how little we've talked about it within the past six months or so, but I'm here to assure you it's almost ready to be introduced to the public.

With that said, it's far from perfect and could use some polish. If you would like to help us with the finishing touches and have a first look at the 25+ page monster cordially named the Warrior Cats Online Handbook, indicate this on your survey form linked at the end of this thread.

Proofreaders will receive an award and special thanks within the handbook to express our appreciation for their efforts.

- x - x - x - x -


Although the roleplaying areas of Warrior Cats Online are the Main Roleplay, Other Roleplaying, and Warriors Free Roleplay, those titles certainly don't reflect the unity within our community. We would like to change the names to the following:

Main Roleplay > Main Warriors Roleplay
This would include everything that is currently contained within "Roleplay."

Other Roleplaying > Non-Warriors Roleplay
This would include everything that is currently contained within Other Roleplaying.

Warriors Free Roleplay > Alternative Warriors Roleplay
This would include everything that is currently contained within Warriors Free Roleplay.

Roleplaying Resources > Character Resources
Can we agree this needs a more specific name? "Roleplaying" tends to foster too much confusion when juxtaposed with Plot Resources.

- x - x - x - x -


Last but certainly not least, the staff would like to bring our newest (and perhaps biggest) idea to the table: a canine-based roleplay. Howls tear through the moon-lit night while growls and bared teeth dominate the day. Cooperation within the packs is imperative, as their downfall awaits at every turn and new threats spring up each day. Values and leadership will be put to the test. Experience the freedom of paving your own path; whether that is with a pack or done solo, your adventure begins here.
"Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception." [Carl Sagan]

This will be a separate albeit similar site to WCO, as we plan to implement all the features you love - quoting, mentions, awards, kudos, the layout, different themes, moods, profile music, the currency system, and more. At this time, it can be assumed that accounts and anything tied to them (e.g. posts) will not transfer.

If there is enough interest, we will begin setting up the forums and preparing for testers - aka you guys. More information on alpha and beta testing will be available at a later date.

IMPORTANT: We are NOT replacing, shutting down, or otherwise abandoning Warrior Cats Online if we pursue this project.

At this point, the staff encourages you to share your thoughts with us! Please fill out this survey, and to promote more detailed feedback, we've left this thread open for replies.

We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you - thank you for your input!

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Default Re: The Direction of WCO

My favorite of all these are the changes for the 'Other Roleplaying' section.
I have always loved the creativity in the stories people come up with but it has always been sort of cluttered so I have been drawn away in exchange for the more organized main roleplay. But if the mentioned changes happen I believe I will want to post more in the Other Roleplaying section and I am sure others will be drawn there too.

Also, the prefixing sounds like the answer to my wishes. Sometimes I'll spend a while searching in plots and finders to find a role for some of my characters as it's hard to find specific clans, but being able to search for clans is like a miracle.
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Default Re: The Direction of WCO

YES! A lot of this I agree with. It will make some things so much easier and exciting! Especially other Roleplaying. Now I tend to post in other Roleplaying more than I do in main roleplays meaning I have so many characters etc.

I ABSOLOUTELY LOVE the idea of adding finders and Biographies to Other Roleplaying rather than people having to fit most things in a tiny form. I am also looking forward to the Dog RP. I assume it will be something like survivors (which unfortunately I haven't read) but it will be a nice change to having to RP in the style of Warriors.
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Default Re: The Direction of WCO

WIP Site
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Redoing character site, roleplay style, and taking things slow at the start.
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Default Re: The Direction of WCO

This is so exciting, I can't wait until there's a guide and such! This is becoming such a developed site since what it first was on the other domain, and it only is still growning!
(Also, I am shamelessly really, really, really excited for a possibly canine roleplay. I am a huge Survivors fan.)

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Default Re: The Direction of WCO

These are some really interesting developments! All of them seem useful to me c:
I'm a huge fan of the Other section, and seeing some sorting in this section is great! I personally appreciate this rating idea, and I'd be happy to see all of this go through.
As for the history of the Clans, I can see this being very useful (particularly to someone who's a bit rusty on their warriors knowledge like me). I look forward to making some finders in the future with an updated system. It's good to see developments like this taking place! ^^

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Default Re: The Direction of WCO

I'm so glad that the rule where can only have two Warrior Cats Free Roleplay threads is being abolished!!
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Default Re: The Direction of WCO

Very excited to see these changes!
So, I haven't been very active lately. I'm considering myself 'on hiatus' for the time being until I can get back into the swing of things. Thank you for understanding.
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Default Re: The Direction of WCO

as one of the older members of the site, i can say that we've been through a lot; drama, changes, cheating. but this staff here, and now, is doing and will continue to do amazing things; these updates, so to speak, are one of them. i feel that the reorganizing of forums will help the site become cleaner, more professional, and user-friendly; the addition of a hiatus board will also help so that the staff have an easier time of figuring out who will be gone, etc. and the idea of a canid site? yes please! i think a lot of us would be VERY interested in a professional, staff-run site; lots of the "other roleplaying" canid threads are fun, but disjointed, without clear rules, guidelines, or regulations.

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Default Re: The Direction of WCO

I'm excited!!
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