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Default Re: WindClan Clearing

@Zero to Hero @NightWarrior4Life @Suspiciousmindz ))

(since the battle has already started I wasn't sure if we should continue this rp but I figured I'd post anyway.)

The three cats had finally made it to camp, Onyxwhispers neck was tired was holding Rabbitpounces scruff the whole way. She stopped once they got into the center of the clearing and began looking for Blazingstar, he needed to know about this.

If you'd like to interact with Onyxwhisper, please PM or visitor message me!

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Default Re: WindClan Clearing

Originally Posted by BluBunnie View Post
@Zero to Hero @NightWarrior4Life @Suspiciousmindz ))

(since the battle has already started I wasn't sure if we should continue this rp but I figured I'd post anyway.)

The three cats had finally made it to camp, Onyxwhispers neck was tired was holding Rabbitpounces scruff the whole way. She stopped once they got into the center of the clearing and began looking for Blazingstar, he needed to know about this.
ShineFlower placed the body of her fallen clanmate onto the ground and just sat silently staring into space. Once she snapped back to reality, the grey Molly began to lick off all the blood on RabbitPounce's pelt and groom it so it looked fairly decent. OnyxWhisper and Surgestorm would probably go off and look for Blazingstar, so the she-cat had a few moments to herself. "May StarClan light your path. I wish you happy hunting." ShineFlower whispered.
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Default Re: WindClan Clearing

@BluBunnie @Rubinaito

Blazingstar listened to Rosethorn speak, his ears pinned back a little with anger. Of course it was Thunderclan. It was a foolish move, now Blazingstar would have to make the first move to end the mouse-brained skirmishes between them. This meant war. Blazingstar's thoughts averted once he heard Rosethorn apologizing. He simply shook his head. "There's nothing to apologize for. You did what you had to in that situation and no one could ask any different from you," he replied before their conversation was interrupted by Onyxwhisper. His golden hues turned to look at the normally skittish feline, but they focused on a feline behind her: Rabbitpounce. A sigh left the leader's body, but he had to focus on the patrol. Surgestorm was the only one who could help with the injured, they would focus on Rabbitpounce in a moment. "Onyxwhisper," the ginger tom spoke in attempt to catch her attention. Soon enough warriors would be gathering to sit vigil with Rabbitpounce, so he preferred to keep his voice a little more low now. "Rosethorn filled me in on the majority of what happened and you did good, putting an end to that fight," he spoke to his deputy, though his voice sounded defeated. The clan knew what to expect next.

Windclan Ceremonies/Joining

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If you wish to interact with Blazingstar or roleplay in the leaders den, please notify me first!

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Default Re: WindClan Clearing


The small kitten rolled onto her back, head resting against his leg as she peered up at him with her bright blue-hued eyes shining up at him. She was not a newborn, that was certain through what he could tell right now. As he had thought before, this shekit had to be around two, maybe three moons old right now - so why was she abandoned along with the rest of her littermates like they were some rotten pieces of prey? That sole thought sickened Hawkfeather, knowing that kittens were precious and special, being the future generation for many cats and for someone to treat them so carelessly. He had never met someone so cruel and he never wanted to. “So, do you have a name, little one?” The tan-furred tomcat murmured, as almost to himself more than anything as he lifted a paw and gently dangled it over her, to which the kitten uttered a squeak and attempted to grab it with her tiny, softened paws. Hawkfeather was too lost in thought, looking down at the kitten, to realize that his beloved mate, Caracalspirit, had spotted him and was making her way over to him from another part of the clearing. When she licked his ear, he almost jumped in surprise, his heartbeat racing for a moment as he looked to her. She greeted him with her usual sweetened tone, calling him his usual nickname that he had been stuck with since they had become close. However, her happy and carefree expression soon changed as the caracat’s gaze lowered to the kitten in his paws. She murmured questioning words in utter surprise at this and the tomcat immediately felt that dreaded lump return to his throat. He didn’t know what to say, would she even believe his tale or would she assume the worst - that he cheated on her with some other shecat and this kitten was the outcome. That was not the case and he knew that, but convincing Caracalspirit would be another situation altogether. Being too involved in his worrisome thoughts, Hawkfeather did not catch the words that she mumbled under her breath, but he did hear her ask to explain himself as she sat down across from him in the chilly clearing. He looked up at her for a moment with his amber-hued eyes, hoping that she would be able to see the truth within them. “Caracalspirit, sweetheart, I swear that this kitten is not mine. I would never even dare..” He didn’t even have the guts to finish the thought out loud, “I was out for my usual hunting trip as I told you I would do when I awoke in out moss nest this morning.” The male proceeding to explain his story, “I had scented a rabbit and immediately went after it, but another scent caught my attention and I just couldn’t keep myself from investigating. What I found.. It was a terrible sight and I am glad that you did not have to witness it.” Hawkfeather solemnly shook his head, “I found this young shekit among some bushes, all by herself with no mother or any adult cat nearby. I did not have the heart to just leave her there to die, so I brought her back here.” He was silent for a moment as he looked down at the shekit, who was looking over at Caracalspirit with wide, curious eyes before uttering a tiny mew. “I don’t know what to do, my love. I’ve never had really experience with situations like these.” Hawkfeather was silent after that, not really knowing what else to possibly say now.
Caracalspirit pawed her mates ear. "I didn't imply it was yours," she mewed, nudging his paw slightly away to get a better look at the tiny kit. "As for what to do with it - obviously we care for it. I think I'd be suited for it," she mewed with confidence, heart soaring as a grin appeared on her face. She'd wanted kits for a bit now, and suddenly one had appeared right before her. Okay, maybe it wasn't magic, but it was a coincidence certainly. The only problem was, she wasn't sure how to..actually..be a good parent at the moment. She knew she had to make sure the kit was safe.. and feed it..but otherwise she was clueless. She looked at her mate, then the kit. Well, this was an interesting morning.
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Default Re: WindClan Clearing

Originally Posted by Megan View Post

Spiderpaw looked at her, trying to hold in his cough. "yeah I think i'm coming down with something. I don't know what and I'm too afraid to go to the medicine cat, because if there isn't something wrong with me i don't want to make a fool out of myself like I've done before." Spiderpaw replied, choking on a cough. The apprentice let out a loud sneeze, making some cats turn heads at him.
@Raven & Co; (found it!)
Blossompaw's gaze didn't leave him and she pressed against him, looking up in his eyes. "Spiderpaw... At least go see Surgestorm... Because if you are sick, you could... You know... Give it to others, and I'm sure it's the last thing the clan wants during a battle..." She added and licked his chest, she loved him like no one, she cared about him more than anyone did, otherwise, when she saw him cough, she would've stayed away, but here she was, her face in his chest. "You won't make a fool out of yourself if you're keeping the clan safe, because... My mom passed away due to white cough and I don't want anyone else to go through that, and I don't want to lose you like that too." The apprentice mewed, though, she wasn't sad, but she wanted him to think about what he was doing.

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