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Default Re: RiverClan Clearing

Originally Posted by 2018 Okapi View Post
She gave a nod in embarrassment,” I won’t tell. I promise.” She meowed.
Splashpool let out a sigh, knowing that there was no going back now. "I'm expecting kits." replied the molly.
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Default Re: RiverClan Clearing

Originally Posted by Megan View Post

Splashpool let out a sigh, knowing that there was no going back now. "I'm expecting kits." replied the molly.
Splashpaw smiled,”That’s great news!” She meowed confused why Splashpool didn’t find it as good news what’s wrong with that....
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Default Re: RiverClan Clearing

Originally Posted by AbsurdJinx View Post
@Christmas Star @starfall

A tortoiseshell tomcat with a blood-stained pelt burst through the camp entrance, chest heaving as he panted and gasped for air. He'd not only fought multiple scuffles but he had to run all the way from ThunderClan to RiverClan. His scratches stung and his lungs burned but he was very eager to return to his clan and chase their attackers from the camp. However, he'd first have to gather reinforcements from RiverClan, if Fallenstar allowed it. Flareheart, though, was confident that the black-pelted leader would support ThunderClan in battle, as he and Snowstar had agreed to become allies.

He glanced over his shoulder to reassure himself Turtlesong was right behind him and when he was satisfied he turned back to the clearing and continued to fight for air. Flareheart's legs trembled weakly and he had to rock back on his haunches to gather his strength for a moment. The young warrior had never worked so hard in his life, but he'd do anything for ThunderClan, even work himself beyond his limits. ``Fallenstar,`` Flareheart called weakly in a croaking voice, taking a moment to clear his throat of its dryness. A certain scratch along his shoulder released a burst of pain and the tomcat winced before quickly recovering from the hurt. ThunderClan needs me, he reminded himself and he was instantly inspired to act strong, even if he truly wasn't. His clan needed him to be strong, so that's what he'd be. Still struggling to get his breathing under wraps, Flareheart straightened his posture and did his best to ignore his injuries. He focused on breathing until he could breath somewhat regularly and then he decided he was ready to do what he came here to do.
Originally Posted by starfall View Post
@Christmas Star
The ebony tom was in his den, his body curled into a ball atop the Streamstone. It was a little warm outside for the burly tom and the stone was cold. It was barely audiable, the faint call for his name, though, to the caller, it may have been all the power they could muster up. The leader lifted his gaze and looked down at a pair of unfalimiar felines, curiosity flickered in his lapis hues. After focusing, blinking the grogginess out he noticed just how battered, injured, and ragged the pair were, and the first thing that popped up in his mind was 'the war has started. The burly feline picked himself up and hopped of the Streamstone on one fell swoop, his paws and legs tingling from the impact. "Don't tell me they've begun to battle?" he asked, worry etched in his voice. How sneaky, launching a battle on Thunderclan with Shadowclan, he thought, his face scrunching up in anger. He didn't even wait for an answer before he swiveled his head to face the rest of the clan. "Quillstreak, Cloudyfoot [ @Cloudy ] Newtflower, Honeypool [ @2018 Okapi ] Pleasentpaw [ @Empress Of Evil ] Blazingstream, Splashpool [ @Megan ] Daisyshade [ @Celestial ] Angelwing [ @Fuzzyfeline ] Orchidfur [ @tinyailenkid ] Spottedleap [ @Bloody Bandit ] Mistfall [ @Hexict ] and all the others who are able and fit for battle, make your way to the Thunderclan camp, we are at war!" he called, naming all the faces in sight. Snowstar came and asked for his protection, for their help during the battle, and he planned on hitting Windclan and Shadowclan back with two times the force.

Fallenstar turned to look at Turtlesong and Flareheart " You can join us, since I don't think you'll just stay behind as your clan's at war." he stated, walking forward without looking behind, he knew they were following.

(I'm sorry, I've been at school all day!)

"I just hope we aren't too late," Turtlesong mumbled to Flareheart, her fear for there clan written in her eyes. "It's a riot back there."
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