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Default One-eye, feel free to comment.


Current Name: One-eye
Other Names, if any: Finchkit, Ruth.
Age (in moons): Around 54.
Gender: Female.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Creation Date: 9, 9, 2016.
Extra: Her life plot.

Residential Information

Current Affiliation/Clan: SkyClan.
Former Affiliation/Clan, if any: SkyClan, Loner, Rouge.
Rank: Forever Queen.
Mentor(s): None.
Apprentice(s): 1 open.

Interpersonal Connections

Father(s): Open.
Stepfather: Open.
Mother(s): Open.
Sibling(s): 3 open.
Haft sibling(s): 2 open.
Grandfather(s): Open.
Grandmother(s): Open.
Aunt(s): Open
Uncle(s): Open.
Cosine(s): Open.
Offspring: Bear, @Duskflight, Littlelion, 10 open.

Best Friend(s): Open.
Friend(s): Fawnrunner, @Twilight
Neutral: Open.
Acquaintance(s): Open.
Enemies: Open.

Past Mate: Open.
Significant Other: Open.


Overview: One-eye is a kind gal, she likes to help others and loves kits. She will help other queens and give young mollies advise on things she went though when she was younger. With that she is also very loyal and hardworking. She'll try to always be there for her loved ones but knows when to let go. Some may think mollies aren't hardworking but that's not the case, this molly is very hard working and was a grate warrior. Though she kind and loving she is very good at hiding her emotions from others. Witch isn't a good thing at times. Yes she knows how to express her emotions but she doesn't want to give anyone the burdens she feels inside. Esther its sorrow or anger she hides it only sometimes letting someone see how upset she is. She is also brave, she would face another Clans leader in a heart beet if it was for one of her kits or friends.
Traits: Kind, loving, loyal, good at hiding her emotions, brave and hardworking.

Mental Age: 54 moons.
Psychiatric Complications: ---
Phobias: ---

Sociability: 90/100.
Outlook: She loves to hang out with others. Especially kits and her family/friends. Though sometimes she just wants to be left alone but that rarely happens.
Responsibility: 100/100
Cleanliness: 85/100
Generosity: 95/100
Manners: 77/100
Bravery: 50/100
More Logical or More Emotional?: Most of the time Logical but can be Emotional.

Favorite Season: Leaf fall.
Favorite Food(s): Squirrel, finch and mice.
Favorite Word: ---
Favorite Sound: Kits playing.

Greatest Hope: That one day all of her family can be together in StarClan.
Greatest Strength: Her strong will.
Greatest Weakness: Her love for others.
Worst Nightmare: Her kits will die like her first litter.
Deepest Darkest Secret: ---
Most Treasured Memory: The times when her and her sibling were all together and happy.

Quirk(s): ---
Theme Song(s): ---


Place of Birth: SkyClan.
Date of Birth: 6, 24, 2012
Former rank(s): Kit, Loner, Rouge, Warrior.
Beliefs: StarClan.

Physical Traits

Breed(s): Tabby.
Fur Color(s): Brown, black and white.
Fur Texture: Soft and smooth.
Fur Length: Short.
Markings: Black tabby stripes.
Eye Color: Her only eye is amber.

Body Type/Structure: Slime.
Height: 9 1/2 in.
Weight: 4 ids.
Voice: Soft and sweet.
Gait: A soft trout.
Scent: Flowers and milk.

Scars / Deformities: She has a scar by her missing eye, due to the snake.
Diseases / Conditions: ---

Coordination: ---
Reflexes: ---
Strength: ---

Image(s):Her looks.
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