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Default Roleplay Guidelines

Roleplay Guidelines
(last updated: 6/26/17)

Below is a list of roleplay rules that should be followed at all times while on Warrior Cats Online. When unsure if something is allowed on the site, check here or private message a staff member. If you see someone disobeying the guidelines on the forums, simply report it by using the red triangle along the top of the post. If someone is breaking the rules on another part of the site, take a screenshot of the offense. These rules are to be followed by everyone. No one is above them, and if a rule is broken you will be punished according to the severity. The highest punishment is being permanently banned from the site.

Rules are in place to maximize your experience and everyone elses, too. If you are in doubt about something particular, bring it up with a staff member. Note that these guidelines are subject to change. As a user, it is your responsibility to remain acquainted with them - unfamiliarity is never an excuse.

Rules in italics are not punishable by staff. It will be left up to the leader (or in the Dusk Syndicate, Commander) to decide what a suitable form of reprimanding will be.

General Rules:
  • Cats cannot attack the Clan/Syndicate leader without leader permission.
  • Creating unauthorized prophecies, groups/gangs, or omens is not allowed. Should you have an idea for a plot, private message a staff member, and it will be considered.
  • Extensive herb knowledge is restricted to medicine cats only. Characters may only know minor herbs, such as cobwebs and sticks.
  • Large-scale plots, like a war or attacks on camp, are not allowed. Ensure your plot is small enough that those who do not wish to be involved can avoid it.
  • High Ranks are earned. You may not join as one. To remain a candidate, demonstrate consistent activity over the course of two months, abide by all Guidelines, and be an active, friendly, and contributing member of Warrior Cats Online.
  • Roleplaying another person's character (regardless of whether or not permission was given) is against the rules.
  • Assigning mentors and/or apprentices for your character(s) is not the duty of the leader. To find one, use the Roleplay Resources.
  • You may not roleplay as a cat from the books. Your character can share a name with one, but can't actually be the character. Please do not write histories for original characters that include characters or events outside of our site's canon history.
  • Unrealistic names and appearances aren't permitted. SkyClan names can be slightly exotic but not overly so. Stick to moderately realistic appearances (attributes mentioned within the series are fair game) and physical characteristics.
  • The Resources categories listed under Roleplaying (OOC) are for the Main Warriors Roleplay only. Do not use it for Non-Warriors or Alternative Warriors Roleplay purposes, as they have their own Resources.
  • There is no need to ask to join a Clan but do respect the leader's joining rules.
  • Cats cannot kill other cats, unless they are a rogue/loner, and the victim is a rogue/loner. If the cat belongs to a Clan or the Dusk Syndicate, the Leader's / Commander's permission is required.
  • Your character may not contract blackcough without prior staff permission.
  • Powerplaying will not be tolerated. This can be anything from giving your character extreme strength (e.g. always winning fights) or having a power, as examples. Powers can only be acquired by use of a power card, which is distributed by staff during special events.
  • Reincarnations and possessions are not allowed without permission and/or a Reincarnation Card (as seen in the Kitty Koins Bank.)
  • Put OOC (out of character) messages in parenthesis or brackets.
  • Cats cannot take over the Clan(s)/Syndicate without leader and staff permission.
  • Imprisoned cats cannot escape without Leader permission - this applies to both the Dusk Syndicate and the Clans.
  • If you wish to speak to a leader or be healed by a medicine cat, private message them first - do not have your character enter their den and expect to be catered to.
  • You may have as many characters as you wish as long as you are able to handle them.

Rules for Kits:
  • Loner kits cannot survive alone until fully weaned for extended time periods (3 days+). Clan kits or Syndicate kits cannot survive alone or outside of the Clan / Syndicate until fully weaned for extended periods (3 days+).
  • Clan kit names must end in 'kit', unless they come from a loner, rogue or Syndicate background - in which case they are likely to have a name change regardless.
  • Clan kits cannot wander off for extended periods of time, though short escapes are acceptable with permission from the Clan leader. Clan / Dusk Syndicate kits cannot leave camp / territory.
  • Kits cannot have any romantic interests or a mate.
  • Kits should not be able to wound any other cat as they are too weak to cause harm until 6 moons of age, nor are they permitted to be involved in any sort of battle or fight. They cannot murder or attack, even with the permission of the victim.
  • Kits cannot join or train in the Dark Forest.
  • You can no longer join as a kit unless you have someone to mother your kit.

Rules for Apprentices:
  • Clan apprentices may not have a mate or kits. Clan apprentices should not show affection or admit this publicly.
  • An apprentice cannot win in a fight against a warrior, unless the odds are in their favor, and this has been discussed and agreed upon by both roleplayers. Apprentices should not commit murders, even with the permission of the victim.
  • Apprentices should not know how to hunt or fight properly until taught. Basic knowledge is okay, but nothing too extreme.
  • Apprentices cannot join or train in the Dark Forest without permission from the Clan leader.

Rules for Warriors:
  • Imprisoned cats cannot escape without leader permission.
  • Warriors cannot join or train in the Dark Forest without permission from the Clan leader.

Rules for Queens:
  • Litters should not exceed five kittens (excluding adopted/foster kits), and Queens may only have three litters per year (real life time).
  • Queens should be pregnant for at least a month (real life time) however two months is preferred.

Rules for Dusk Syndicate Cats:
  • Only guard position cats or higher can imprison other Dusk Syndicate members.
  • Dusk Syndicate members cannot attack or kill a Clan cat without leader permission, and permission from the other roleplayer.
  • Dusk Syndicate members cannot attack or enter Clan territory without leader permission.
  • Dusk Syndicate members cannot steal a kit / kits without leader and roleplayer permission.
  • A single Dusk Syndicate member should not be able to escape Clan Camp alive, if caught, without leader permission. Imprisoned cats - in both the Clans and the Syndicate - cannot escape without the permission of the leader or the commander.

Rules for Rogues/Loners:
  • Cannot kill a Clan cat or Dusk Syndicate cat without permission from the Clan leader or Dusk Syndicate commander.

Rules when Roleplaying Animals:
  • Animals other than cats can only be roleplayed in the main section of the site when described in relation to your characters. [e.g: "a bird flies overhead" or during an attack]
  • Major predators like dogs, foxes, badgers and buzzards or other large birds of prey can not appear in the camp without prior leader permission.
  • Animals cannot be roleplayed speaking or interacting with cats in any manner of communication. Cats cannot help animals, or try to help them; this is unrealistic.

High Ranks:
  • Exiling can be done at the leader and/or deputy's discretion.
  • Please refer to the High Rank Guidelines for further information.

If there are questions or concerns regarding these rules, please bring them to the attention of a staff member.

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