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Default Character of the Month (December 2017)

Character of the Month is designed to feature characters who deserve recognition.


Please ensure you have read this thread thoroughly, as posts that do not coincide with the provided information will be deleted.

In an attempt to prevent users from only voting selectively, the system in which OTMs are decided has changed. You may suggest a character, however the character you nominate can not be suggested by another user. For example, if you suggest "Blackstrike", no one else can nominate that character for the remainder of the month's nomination period. At the end of the month, the winner will be randomly selected.

Things to keep in mind before nominating a character:
  • Characters should have been roleplayed within the last two weeks of being nominated.

  • You may not nominate your own characters, or advertise your characters to gain nominations.

  • Characters used to violate a roleplay rule can not win an OTM for the month they broke the guideline.

  • Nominations must include an explanation of why the character deserves recognition. Posts that do not provide a reasoning will be removed.

  • Be thorough in your evaluation of the relationship. Vague or thoughtless statements (e.g. "they're cool") will result in your nomination being discarded.

  • You may only nominate once, however you may change your nomination at any time provided nominations are still open. Keep in mind you can not change your suggestion to a character that was nominated by someone else.

  • Previous COTMs can not be nominated. Former winners are:
    Winterstar, Bravestep, Fallowstar, Zerosight, Onion, Skybird, Ashstar, Rosestar, Otterstar, Marshsnow, Sweetolive, Angelfeather, Stormlight, Timberstar, Autumnpaw, Violetpaw, Alderstripe, Lichenpaw, Smokepaw, Almondstar, Sandpaw, Blazingnight, Snowyclaw, Renn, Grousestar, Hannibal, Russetstar, Blazingstar, Blackgaze, Kiwituft, Rosebelly.
The winner will be featured on next month's Monthly Kudos page and receive an exclusive award.

The current COTM is Chanterellepaw.

To nominate a character, please post this format:

Character Name [linked to rper's account if possible - if not, provide user name]:
Character Faction [indicate if outsider (loner/rogue/kittypet)]:
Reason for nominating this character [required]:

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Default Re: Character of the Month (December 2017)

Character Name [linked to rper's account if possible - if not, provide user name]: Plumkit @Role
Character Faction [indicate if outsider (loner/rogue/kittypet)]: Riverclan (about to be Starclan
Reason for nominating this character [required]: First itís because I feel guilty having my murderous warrior killing this sweet little angel that has/had (depending on when you read this) their life destroyed in an instant. She is kind, and sweet. She has a past in Shadowclan and chose to stay in Riverclan after the flood, and now sheíll forever blame her decision on her death. She is such a kind and gentle kit. I adore her (while my character is busy killing her on the streamstone XD) and I feel she deserves praise for being so well developed.
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Default Re: Character of the Month (December 2017)

Character Name: Dream
Character Faction: Shadowclan
Reason for nominating this character: I love Dream, his personality is unique and is truly shown when he is roleplayed. He is charming and deceiving,
but not always what you'd consider too bad. What I believe makes him so good is the fact that he's bad, but not evil. He doesn't do horrifyingly bad things. He is one of my favourite characters.
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Default Re: Character of the Month (December 2017)

Character Name: Cherrypaw
Character Faction: Skyclan
Reason for nominating this character [required]: I've been reading through several different rps that involve this character and I have to say that she's so beautifully fleshed out and is a very realistic and believable character! Between the interactions with her mentor, and with other apprentices you can really just see the personality flow within her and it's a real joy being able to read the different roleplays that this character is in!

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Default Re: Character of the Month (December 2017)

Character Name [linked to rper's account if possible - if not, provide user name]: Redpaw - @Okapi
Character Faction [indicate if outsider (loner/rogue/kittypet)]: Thunderclan
Reason for nominating this character [required]: He is really well develop. When the rper uses him in any rp's Redpaw is his personality. He's a very good character.
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Default Re: Character of the Month (December 2017)

Character Name: Doepaw
Character Faction: ThunderClan
Reason for Nominating: He's such a sweet, supportive character. He's honestly one of the characters I really like, and look forward to seeing him roleplayed more. He's still in the earlier stages of being developed, but I still think Star does a really good job with him. I'm excited to see what things will lead to his development.

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Default Re: Character of the Month (December 2017)

Character name || Lightstream

Character faction || RiverClan

Reason for nominating || I just read through a rp of Lightstream and her new apprentice, Hollowpaw, and I was simply impressed with this cat. Hollowpaw treats her poorly and gives her absolutely no respect, but Lightstream stands her ground. She starts off by being fair with her apprentice despite how unreasonable he's being. As his attitude worsens, Lightstream begins to fight back, which I really love. I think that she really wants Hollowpaw to treat her with the respect that she deserves and she's frustrated that he isn't. Basically, I just really love Lightstream's reaction to Hollowpaw's bad attitude. She doesn't give up on him, but she also doesn't lash out with frustration and hurt him either. She'd fierce and determined and I love it. I'm really excited to see more of this character.

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Default Re: Character of the Month (December 2017)

Character Name [linked to rper's account if possible - if not, provide user name]: Clementinepaw
Character Faction [indicate if outsider (loner/rogue/kittypet)]: Riverclan
Reason for nominating this character [required]: This character is adorkably relateable. She lacks confidence as she tries her best to navigate the world of Riverclan, all while too aware of the fact the she's a mentorless apprentice and former kittypet. Moments of happiness are hard won, but you can't help but route for her ever step of the way while she tries her very best.

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